Thesis Update [May 13, 2015]

Here I am attaching most of the research material I have obtained through interviews with a MD and a RN in oncology.  Unfortunately most of the medical information, dialogue, terminology, and methods of treatment were not used in the story as I shifted the project towards a more dramatic narrative than an informative film.  But the information did however help shape who the characters in the film were and what they had to deal with.

Keck School Of Medicine – Stuart Swadron MD – Notes 1

Keck School Of Medicine – Stuart Swadron MD – Notes 2

Rhona Mae Samonte RN (Registered Nurse) Oncology – Notes

Below I am providing links to the original screenplay.

“Postmortem” Screenplay 2014

“Postmortem” Screenplay Revised Final Outline 2014-2015

The storyboards for my thesis film can be found in the “Storyboard” Section of this website.

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