Thesis Update [April 29th, 2015]

It’s the final stretch for my graduate school thesis project.  I have about 2 more weeks to finish my film before submission.  As of now, I am done animating and coloring all of my assets and all of my sound design and music has been completed.  All I have to do for the next 2 weeks is to add shadows to the rest of my shots and to composite everything together.  I also need to think of a title that works but so far nothing sticks.  I can finalize the title leading up to the day before the deadline, so I am just concentrating on the finishing touches.  If I can finish at least 7 shots a day worth of shadows I can have enough time to comp everything together.  

Below is a test of a scene I worked on involving effects found in Toon Boom Animate Pro 2.  This shot is without shadows and a camera movement which is what I will get to soon.

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