Thesis Update [February 12, 2015]

So for the past month I’ve been doing the first pass of color and clean up.  So far I am almost at the half way point of coloring the animation.  A total of 36 out of 73 shots are colored without shadows.  I aim to be done with this phase by the 2nd week of March before Spring Break.

The example I am linking is a clean-up/color pass of one of the shots for my thesis.  I feel it needs a few for tweaks but after this phase, I’ll move onto shadows and editing the outlines.  (Note that the outlines are currently neon colors.  I am still deciding if I should replace them with a solid line or just have no outlines altogether.  But thankfully ToonBoom Animate Pro makes this change very easy.)

Other than coloring and clean-up, I’ve been having meetings with a sound designer and a composer and they will be able to start working on my film in early March.  So far everything is running smoothly, but I also still have to think of a better title for the piece.

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